The Dos and Don'ts of an Online Job Search

The internet has become an integral part of our daily lives, offering convenience and accessibility in various aspects. Job searching is no exception, as more and more individuals turn to online platforms to find employment opportunities. However, conducting an online job search requires careful consideration and adherence to certain best practices. In this article, we will explore the do's and don'ts of an online job search, with insights from Scott Steinberg, author of "The Business Etiquette Bible: Modern and High-Tech Rules, Tips, and Training for Working Professionals." Steinberg emphasizes the importance of maintaining proper business etiquette in the digital realm and provides valuable advice on leveraging the internet to enhance one's career prospects.

Mistake 1: Sharing "Big Links" without Adding Value

Steinberg highlights the issue of sharing "big links," which refers to simply reposting articles or content from major blogs or publications without adding anything new. While sharing information can be beneficial, it is essential to provide additional value, such as personal opinions or analysis, to generate meaningful engagement. By contributing unique insights to the content being shared, individuals can establish themselves as knowledgeable and thoughtful professionals in their field.

Mistake 2: Using a Generic Approach for Job Postings

Another common mistake is adopting a one-size-fits-all approach when applying for job postings. Steinberg advises job seekers to carefully review each job description and tailor their application and resume to match the specific keywords and requirements outlined. This customization helps to demonstrate the candidate's unique qualifications and how they can contribute to the organization's success. Sending generic applications to multiple hiring managers is ineffective and fails to convey the necessary differentiation that can set candidates apart from their competition.

Mistake 3: Neglecting In-Person Networking Opportunities

In the digital age, it is easy to overlook the importance of in-person networking. Steinberg emphasizes the continued value of building relationships face-to-face, as personal connections often play a crucial role in the hiring process. While online platforms like LinkedIn can be helpful for networking, they should not replace the benefits of traditional networking methods. Engaging with professionals in person allows for genuine connections and establishes a memorable presence beyond the virtual realm.

Utilizing LinkedIn for Networking

While in-person networking remains essential, online platforms like LinkedIn can complement traditional networking efforts. Steinberg suggests being creative and expanding connections beyond one's own field. By reaching out to individuals with similar interests or expertise in related areas, job seekers can broaden their network and tap into new opportunities. When sending connection invitations, it is crucial to provide a brief introduction that answers three essential questions: Who are you? Why should the recipient accept your invitation? How can your experience and offerings be relevant to their business?

Building a Strong Personal Brand Online

Crafting a compelling personal brand is crucial in the digital realm, where employers and recruiters actively search for talent. Steinberg advises job seekers to showcase their skills and knowledge by creating content such as articles, videos, blogs, or podcasts. This content should aim to provide value and solve problems for the audience. By demonstrating expertise and sharing insights, individuals can establish themselves as industry thought leaders and stand out from the competition.

Alternatively, individuals can position themselves as go-to resources for industry happenings and trends by curating and sharing key data, research, and insights. This approach showcases one's ability to gather and analyze information, adding value to others by helping them save time, money, or energy. In a saturated digital landscape, being a reliable source of valuable information can significantly enhance one's personal brand.

Navigating the online job search landscape requires adherence to certain do's and don'ts to maximize success. Scott Steinberg's insights provide valuable guidance for individuals seeking employment opportunities in the digital age. By avoiding common mistakes such as sharing "big links" without adding value, customizing applications for each job posting, and neglecting in-person networking, job seekers can enhance their prospects.

Additionally, leveraging platforms like LinkedIn for networking purposes and building a strong personal brand through content creation and curation can further boost one's career. Embracing the power of the internet while maintaining proper business etiquette enables individuals to supercharge their job search and stand out in a competitive market.

Ultimately, by combining the advantages of online job searching with traditional networking and personal branding efforts, individuals can maximize their chances of securing rewarding and fulfilling employment opportunities.

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