CV / Resume Advice to Get That Interview

Advice on how to structure your CV to give you the best chance of landing an interview.

Which CV format should you use?

With several options available, it's important to choose the one that best suits your needs. You can even create multiple CVs in different formats to cater to specific companies. If you're unsure about creating a CV, online CV writing and advising companies can assist you in determining the right format for your situation.

The Chronological CV

1. The chronological layout is ideal when you're planning to change jobs within the same field. It's a traditional format that presents your career history in reverse chronological order. Ensure you highlight job titles and employer names to provide a clear overview of your professional trajectory.

The Functional CV

2. If you're changing careers or have had diverse professional experiences, the functional format is a suitable choice. This format emphasizes your achievements and skills rather than focusing heavily on job titles and employers. Keep in mind that if you worked for a well-known company, it may not be immediately apparent in this format.

Targeted CV

3. The targeted format emphasizes the skills and experience relevant to the specific job you're applying for. It can be tailored to multiple completely different jobs, making it ideal for career changes. This format highlights the skills and achievements acquired throughout your entire career, including any volunteer or unpaid experience you may have.

By selecting the appropriate CV format and leveraging your unique skills and experiences, you can create a powerful document that effectively communicates your qualifications to potential employers.

How do I write a CV that will get me interviews?

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CV / Resume Advice to Get That Interview

Advice on how to structure your CV to give you the best chance of landing an interview.

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