What are the Easiest Jobs to get with no Experience?

According to the office of National Statistics, the in the United Kingdom stood at 75.6 % from October to December 2022. This means that the rest of the population is either unemployed, unwilling to work, or retired. If you are entering the job ...

According to the office of National Statistics, the employment rate in the United Kingdom stood at 75.6 % from October to December 2022. This means that the rest of the population is either unemployed, unwilling to work, or retired. If you are entering the job market for the first time, you may wonder where to start.

The job market is competitive, with some industries becoming obsolete because of technology. In the coming years, it has been projected that the following job markets will no longer exist:

● Travel agents: Tourists prefer to book directly with comparison websites such as Opodo and Trivago.
● Cashiers: Cashiers will become obsolete because people prefer digital payment platforms such as Apple pay and bitcoin. There are already several self-service tills and stations in the country.
● Fast food cooks: According to Allen and Associates, a global restaurant consultancy firm, fast food hotels can save more than 12.2 billion dollars if they automate their operations. As more establishments adopt automation technologies, fewer fast-food cooks will be needed.
● Bank tellers: Bank tellers will become absolute as consumers adopt the convenience of using mobile banking. Mobile banking has made it easy for consumers to deposit cash and make payments.
● Legal practice: As technology evolves, so will its application in the legal world. An excellent example of this is a chatbot known as DoNotPay that has saved US motorists more than $13 million in parking fines.

How to get a job without experience

Do not worry if you have no experience; we will show you how to get a job. The easiest way to get a job is to look for an internship or apprenticeship position. When working in an internship position, you work in an organisation to gain the necessary work experience to be employed full-time.

Interns are entitled to the national minimum wage if they are considered workers. You will not be paid this wage as a student or when work shadowing. The national minimum wage will depend on factors such as age and occupation. If the intern is 23 years old, the minimum pay is £9.50. If you are under 18 years, the rate will be £9.50.

Another strategy is to become an apprentice. This way, you will work a real job while studying for a formal qualification. Unlike an internship, an apprenticeship is a long-term contract that ranges from 12 months to 4 years. One main advantage of being an apprentice is you have a higher chance of being employed.

Start volunteering

Engaging in volunteer work may not offer monetary compensation, but it presents a wealth of invaluable opportunities. Despite being unpaid, volunteering allows individuals to gain valuable experience and establish valuable connections that can prove beneficial in the future. As the famous saying goes, "better one foot in than all feet out."

Through volunteering, you can acquire essential transferable skills that hold significant value. These include building confidence, honing time management abilities, improving communication and teamwork skills, fostering adaptability, and enhancing organizational proficiency. While the work may be unpaid, the personal growth and skills development gained from volunteering are immeasurable.

Lastly, get out of your comfort zone and start building a network. Join Industry-specific associations and market yourself in a positive light. Feel free to inquire about open positions in the organisation. So what are the most accessible jobs to get with no work experience?

What are the easiest jobs to get with no experience?

Being a warehouse operative is one of the easiest jobs to get without any work experience. As a warehouse operative, you'll work in a warehouse environment and perform various warehouse duties such as scanning products, moving multiple stocks, and ensuring that orders arrive on time.

Most warehouse operative roles require the candidate to have basic English communication skills and be at least computer literate. The ideal candidate should also be able to learn quickly on the job and pick up processes easily.

The starting salary of a warehouse operative is £11.50 an hour. Other jobs to consider:

Stackers / Packers

As a packer, your primary role will be to manually put products / items into boxes. The Packers are also required to perform other general housekeeping duties such as sweeping the floor, helping operators in their daily tasks, and cleaning the lines after every work shift.

The good thing about applying for this position is that there are usually no interviews. The minimum starting salary is £12.

Unqualified teaching assistant

A trainee teaching assistant is a good position if you love helping others. The job is also suitable for people looking to start a career in education and is passionate about working with children.

The specific roles will vary depending on the organisation, but you must have good communication skills and a passion for working with children.
As a teaching assistant, you'll also be required to build healthy relationships with children and their families. The salary depends on experience and ranges between £50 - £75 a day.


There's no work experience required to become a housekeeper. Most hotels will provide training and support and a saving scheme. The hotels also offer guaranteed work hours ranging from 10 -15 hours a week. Housekeepers are required to clean rooms as well as public areas.

It is important to note that some hotels prioritise work for under-represented groups, such as the LGBTQ community, ethnic minorities, and women.
The minimum salary is £ 9 - £13.

Care Assistants

A care assistant is a person who takes care of people in the comfort of their own homes. This can be elderly or sick people. As a care assistant, you will help these people get into and out of bed, wash and dress, cook, and administer various medications.

Most companies have in-house training programs, so no work experience is required as a care assistant. In most cases, you will be paid during training.
The minimum salary is around £11 - £13 per hour.

In conclusion, getting a job in the United Kingdom is easy if you know where to look. Start with popular job aggregate sites and look at interesting open positions. Some popular available jobs that do not require the candidate to have experience are care assistant and housekeeper positions.

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What are the Easiest Jobs to get with no Experience?

According to the office of National Statistics, the in the United Kingdom stood at 75.6 % from October to December 2022. This means that the rest of the population is either unemployed, unwilling to work, or retired. If you are entering the job ...

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