Putting Your CV Online

Once you've written your CV, you're going to want to get it into the hands of the people doing the hiring! The internet is such a great tool for job-hunters. Not only can you find awesome website teaching you how to write your CV (wink, wink), but there are lots of websites in existence which let you create and upload a CV that you can submit to potential employers through their sites. You can search these sites for jobs you're interested in, and submit your CV for review.

Let Employers and Recruiters Find You

Recruiters can also do searches for qualified potential employees. By having your CV available online, you are multiplying your efforts. While you're out on your interviews during the day, your CV is finding recruiters you may not have even known about. Some sites will actually send you emails when a job matching your skills appears, saving you the time you would spend searching them out. Most of the job-searching websites will only allow your CV to be viewed by registered recruiters, so you won't have to worry about the whole world having access to it, and many have varying levels of privacy control you can choose from.

Potential Pitfalls of Placing Your CV Online

The biggest issue with placing your CV online is privacy. Whilst the big job boards will have security in place to protect your CV, once an employer or recruiter has downloaded it, you have no control over where it will end up. Usually, it will just end up in their internal database of candidates, but problems can arise if recruiters submit your CV to their clients without your knowledge. There is also the risk of your current employer finding out you are job searching if they perform searches for their employees names. Many job sites allow employers and recruiters to search CV content to find the best matching candidates, but this can be abused if they search for specific candidate names.


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