Interview Preparation Checklist: Land Your Dream Job

According to a recent study done by StandOut CV, more than half of interviewed candidates get rejected during the first stage of recruitment.

There are several reasons why a candidate will be rejected. The most common is that they lack an understanding of the role, and the second reason is that they lack enthusiasm for the job. In this guide, we have created an interview preparation checklist to help potential employees increase their chances of being hired.

Interview Preparation Checklist

An interview preparation checklist is a list of tasks that need to be done to increase your chances of employment. These are things that most people ignore, costing them their dream job. The first interview preparation checklist that we will discuss is researching the company.

1. Research the Company

Before attending an interview, the candidate must research the company to demonstrate their interest in working for the organization. Things such as the vision and mission statement of the company can easily be found via a Google search.

Researching the organization is also crucial because it helps the candidate better prepare for questions the recruiter might ask. In addition, the research will help you tailor your responses based on the company's culture.

2. Practice with Mock Interviews

The best way to do this is to practice with other professionals worldwide. Doing this with your family and friends may not build the confidence to pass the interview. Therefore, it is best to have mock interviews with people you do not know.

One platform that can be used to practice mock interviews is Pramp. Pramp is a free peer-to-peer platform for practising mock interviews. It can facilitate different types of interviews such as technical interviews {For software developers} and soft skills.

3. Carry a Portfolio of Your Work

Candidates should carry a portfolio of their work to showcase their skills and experience better. In addition, the portfolio might convince the recruiter to give you the job.

If you are still deciding whether to take a portfolio of your work to the interview, ask the interviewer beforehand. Besides carrying your portfolio, printing a hard copy of your resume and cover letter is also vital, especially when technology fails.

4. Identify and Answer Interview Questions

Though it is difficult to know which interview questions will be asked, it is advisable to research on the Internet. Start your research by investigating the company to understand what they sell.

In addition, identify the company's key milestones, as this can also be asked.
Once you have identified likely interview questions, answer them until you master how to do it confidently. If it is a technical question like answering programming challenges, perfect it.

5. Dress Professionally

Lastly, when attending an interview, dress professionally. Research the company's dress code so that you do not overdo it. If you are unsure what to wear, wear a suit if you are a man and a formal dress if you are a lady.

In conclusion, though alot of things can be included in an interview checklist, focus on mainly the big five. Research the company to ensure you understand its culture, practice mock interviews, and dress professionally. Most important, believe in yourself, and the job will be yours!

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