If you are looking for a job, you must familiarise yourself with zoom interviews. According to Indeed, 83% of employers use virtual interviews to recruit qualified candidates. This figure is expected to increase, with more than 93% of interviewed employers saying they will adopt virtual interviews. Therefore, it is best to learn how to prepare for a zoom interview.

Employers prefer virtual interviews because they are faster and easier to manage the entire hiring process. Virtual interviews have also made it easier for remote workers to get hired because interviewers can interview them from anywhere in the world. Before logging into a zoom interview, you must avoid a few mistakes.

Common mistakes made during a zoom interview

The first mistake most job seekers make is logging into a zoom meeting late. Login into a meeting late is offensive and shows the recruiter that you do not value their time. If the first impression is negative, this can considerably reduce your chances of bagging that dream job.

Set up your computer five minutes before the interview to avoid logging in late. In addition, the job seeker should verify meeting time zones. This is especially important if you are applying for a remote position in another part of the world. If you need help with time zones, use various online tools such as https://www.worldtimeserver.com/.

Another mistake most job seekers must correct is clearing their screen tabs. Before the interview begins, ensure the browser has no open pages. You may never know if you will be requested to share your screen to demonstrate your technical expertise. The recruiter might see inappropriate content when there are open tabs, which can cost you a job.

Failure to maintain eye contact

Lastly, ensure that you make the right amount of eye contact during the interview. Every candidate should portray confidence, professionalism, and enthusiasm for the job. Turn off the phone to avoid phone notifications that might distract the discussion.

Before the interview, please familiarise yourself with the platform and test it with a friend. Ask your friend to let you know the best position that establishes eye contact. When maintaining eye contact, smile at the camera. Also, remember to lean slightly towards the laptop camera to build a good connection from the word go.

Important tips for preparing for a zoom interview

Zoom can sometimes be annoying, especially when it makes an unexpected software update. Depending on the internet connection, the update can last between 30 seconds to 3 minutes. For this reason, we advise the candidate to zoom in at least four minutes before the interview.

If there is an unexpected update, there will still be enough time. It is also important to familiarise yourself with the platform. Understand essential functions such as screen sharing, muting, and uploading files. In addition, remember to check out the video and audio features and ensure they work perfectly. Other essential tips for preparing for a zoom interview are:

Have a professional background

Every recruiter knows there's a 90% chance the virtual interview will be in your bedroom. However, this is not to say that recruiters prefer to see your dirty laundry in the background. Remember, everything must be professional from the word go. A job applicant must never give the recruiter a chance to have a negative perception of them.

Always choose a tidy or neutral background. If you need help determining the best environment, we advise a blank wall instead. Another approach an applicant can use is to set up a virtual background. When using the virtual scene, ensure the internet connection is fast enough; at least 10mbs to avoid video lags.

Have professional lights

To be safe, forget about natural light. It is unpredictable, and you must know when the weather might change. However, we do acknowledge that it is cheaper than buying artificial lighting. If sitting near a window, do not sit with your back facing it, as this will cause shadows on your face.

There are several strategies that an interviewee can use to have good lighting during a zoom interview. The first strategy is to place the light source strategically. The goal is to create a balanced light on your face with minimal shadows. One device that can do this well is a table lamp. However, ensure it is placed a few feet behind the camera.

If the lampstand is too bright, use a lampshade and test it before the interview. If a light source is placed on one side of the room, ensure another light source is on the opposite side to balance the shadows.

Another strategy to reduce reflections is to set up 3-point lighting. A three-point lighting approach is where the interviewee sets up three lights in a room to eliminate shadows and create a balanced light. The light type can be a backlight, a fill light, or a key light.

Find a quiet place for the zoom interview

Another important thing that every interviewee needs to do is to ensure the room is quiet. It should be so silent that you can hear a pin drop. If you have children around, shut all doors and ask someone to take them for a walk outside. Excess noise is annoying, especially to the interviewer.

In addition, it forces the interviewer to repeat one thing several times, which is psychologically draining. This can create a negative perception resulting in you losing the job.

Don't do a zoom interview with your phone

It does not matter whether it is an iPhone 14 or a Galaxy S32. Never do a Zoom interview with a mobile phone. It will feel like a casual conversation, making you relax and drop your A-game. Also, what happens when the interviewer asks you to demonstrate how to perform a specific task?

Another reason you should refrain from using a mobile phone is that you can get tired, especially if the interview lasts more than an hour. As a result, you might start to fiddle excessively, which is not a good thing.

In conclusion, remember to ensure that the internet connection is stable and at least ten Mbs. Also, ensure the lighting is perfect, and that you enter the meeting on time. Good luck with your zoom interview!

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