How to Dress for a Job Interview

It is very important to create the right impression with your interviewer. Before you even have chance to say hello, they will make dozens of conscious and unconscious decisions about you based on your appearance. If the interview forms an instant negative opinion about you, you will find it hard to overcome this during the interview. In all cases you should make every effort to present yourself as clean and as well-groomed as possible.

Dressing for a Professional Level Interview

For professional level interviews, you should always be smart and conservative. This means wearing a smart business suit and presenting a well-groomed image to the interviewer. A shirt and tie is an absolute must for gentleman and women should wear a neat, well-pressed blouse. At this level, you can be sure your rival candidates will make every effort to present themselves as successful and professional as possible, therefore, you must scrutinize every aspect of your appearance from your head to your toes.

Dressing for a Non-Professional Level Interview

Non-professional level positions such as store, restaurant, laboring, or skilled jobs usually do not require formal business attire, so when you are interviewing for one of these positions business casual attire is often appropriate. This means wearing a smart shirt or blouse with neatly pressed trousers or skirt, and clean, well polished shoes. Even if the staff dress code for the company is very casual, you should still try to be well-groomed to present a good image to the interviewer.

Things to Avoid in Your Appearance

It goes without saying that there are some aspects to your appearance that could lead to a negative opinion in the mind of the interviewer. Where possible, try to cover up an visible tattoos and remove excessive jewelry. Avoid applying too much make-up and go easy on the perfume or aftershave. Do not dress provocatively unless it is part of the job description - the potential for office relationships and sexual harassment lawsuits might negatively impact your chances of getting the job.


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