Negotiating Your Salary

The topic of salary will come up in some of the interviews you attend. For some vacancies the salary is fixed and displayed on the job vacancy advertisements. In other cases no figure will be given or a range of figures, often dependent on skills and experience, will be shown.

When negotiating your compensation, the ideal result is a one that both sides are happy with. From the candidates perspective, you don't want to make the employer pay over the odds, but you don't want to be taken advantage of either. As with all interview questions, the best approach is to be prepared. If the employer doesn't give a state a salary value and then asks you to state your salary expectations, this could be a sign they are looking to save money by hoping you will undervalue yourself.

Preparing for Salary Negotiations

The first thing to do is find out the going rate for the type of job you are applying for. One easy way to find this is to look on job board websites at other advertisements for the same type of job. Don't forget to factor in price variations dependent on location though. Jobs in busy metropolitan areas usually pay a little more than those in less populated regions.

Then you have to decide how average you are in relation to the other people performing this job. If you are new to the industry or lacking experience, you may have to settle on a figure that is reflective of this, but if you have experience or think you have a genuine flair for your job, you should value your talents higher than the industry average. This will demonstrate to the employer that you seriously value your skills and the dedication and commitment you are willing to offer them.

When it comes to agreeing on a figure, make sure your services are being valued, unless you really are desperate to get your foot in the door. Also, don't forget to factor in other benefits the company might offer and ask for clarification about future promotions. When negotiating your salary, always be courteous and polite and avoid coming across as stubborn or arrogant.


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