4 ways of Improving Employer Brand on Social Media

Building an employer brand is not a walk in the park. However, when you finally succeed in building one, you will never regret it. There are numerous benefits that are associated with having a strong employer brand.

Not only are you able to attract top employees in your industry, but you are also able to cut down on recruitment expenditure. This is because top employees will be constantly knocking at your doorstep. You will also have an opportunity to benefit from inside referral.

There are many ways in which one can improve employer brand on their social media platform. However; we will only concentrate on the top 4 four ways recommended by experts.

Use Social Media Platform That Your Candidates Are Likely To Be On

When building an employer brand you need to target a specific market group so as to be appealing to that market group. You need to narrow your target audience so as to concentrate on them. An in-depth research on the available social media platforms is necessary to know what type of employees can be found here.

Respond to Both Negative and Positive Reviews

Most employers tend to ignore negative reviews in the hope that it will fade away. This is a very dangerous assumption as a blood stain is easily noticeable on a white shirt. When building an employer brand, one needs to have a crises management strategy that can counter negative reviews.

One social media platform that you can use to your advantage is Glassdoor. Glassdoor allows employees and potential candidates to review their job experience when working in a company. Where a negative review is provided it must be contained so as not to damage your employer brand.

Furthermore, when you respond to this reviews, potential candidates tend to admire your approach and this improves your employer brand.

Use Employees to Your Advantage

Employees can either build your employer brand or destroy it. As an employer, you can encourage your employees to post relevant information about the company on their social media platforms. This information can range from press releases to upcoming social events and company blogs.

Third parties will notice the loyalty portrayed by your employees and they will eventually want to join your company.

Address the Negative Reviews during Interviews

In most cases, job applicants are already aware of the negative reviews they have seen about your company on their social network platform. They may be attending the interview to get a job that can accommodate them on a temporary basis.

Employing staff with this attitude, only goes ahead to damage your employer brand. The best way to handle this is to address the negative reviews during an interview process.

Organize Social Campaigns

People love free stuff. They also appreciate it when companies, big or small do something great for the community. This can be donating books to the local library or even offering food to the homeless. This effort, as simple as it may be. Goes a long way in promoting your employer brand.

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