How Employers Can Leverage on Social Media to Find The Right Employee

Did you know that more than 70% of employers use social media platforms to gauge the suitability of potential employees? This is because social media platforms have a lot of information regarding potential hires and this gives a clear picture of whether the hire is suitable or not.

According to research, 59% of all employees interviewed acknowledged the power of social media when it comes to deciding where and where not to work. They also acknowledged that they are working in their current jobs because of the social media presence their company has.

So why should an employer leverage on social media?

To Know About The Quality Of The Employee

Thanks to social media, an employer can know the quality of an employee by looking at their social posts both from a personal and business level. As an employer, you will be able to tell whether an employee has ever posted anything negative about your brand. Based on their writing samples and personal views about life, you are able to tell if an employee is a worthy hire.

To Evaluate a Candidates Personality

When you need a candidate who not only possesses an academic certificate but a creative mentality, then social media is the right place to start. You can tell whether a candidate thinks outside the box from the problem-solving posts on their social media platform.

Original and integral concepts are key to having an innovative team and the best place to recruit this team is through social media.

Targeted Recruitment

You may need a candidate with experience in a high-level management company. Since you need one who is specifically interested in your niche industry social media platform such as LinkedIn will be of great help. The platform is suitable for finding employees with experience in specific industries and other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook can be used to supplement information about them.

You Get A More Qualified Employee

All an employer needs is to know where to target and what to say. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn can be used to recruit qualified employees with minimal recruitment expenses. For your job posting to achieve the intended purpose, you can use Facebook ads as well as post the job posting on your companies timeline.

This reduces time spent in search of a suitable candidate and at the same time reduces unnecessary costs.

Advertise Your Company To Potential Employees

To attract high-quality employees, then your company must be willing to invest in its own brand and make this aware to potential hires. Your company should utilize the right social media platform to be effective in its brand communication strategy.

LinkedIn should be used to portray your company achievements as well as what you stand for as a company. Use LinkedIn video to your advantage. You can use Twitter to educate potential employees and Facebook to promote and advertise your company’s culture.

To Know If Your Hire Is Already Aware of What You Do

Every business needs a candidate who is well informed and has done impressive research on your company. Social media will be able to tell you if the candidate knows about your company. You will also be in a position to know if they are aware of your competitors and your clients. Indicates such as their comments and ‘likes’ will tell a lot about them.


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