Assured Way of Getting More Employees Active On Social Media Marketing

If you are a company aspiring to make it big during the launch of your IPO and you still do not recognize the power of social media marketing by employees then you are committing suicide. A brand is everything for a company. To get highly skilled employees you need a brand that sells.

Before we get into detail as to why you need your employees to be more active on social media, let us first analyze the statistics;

• More than one social media platform is used by 56% of all adults
• LinkedIn has more than 480 million profiles worldwide
• 83% of female on the internet are on Facebook compared to 75% of men

Statistics never lie; social media marketing by employees can be an effective tool in launching a successful IPO or just creating a reputable brand. The million question then, is, how do you get your employees to be your brand ambassadors on social media?

Have a Social Media Policy That All Understand and Is Clear

At times, it is not that your employees are not interested in advertising your company, it’s that they do not know where to start and are afraid of being fired or disciplined. This discourages your employees from engaging with the public on social media.

You require a social media policy that all employees can easily understand so that they know the rules of engagement when it comes to advertising your brand on social media.

Tip: Too many complicated rules, will discourage your employees as they will feel as if they are been overburden with work.

Educate Your Employees on the Mission and Social Media Goals of Your Company

Once you have the guidelines in place, it is now time to make it clear to your employees why there is a social media strategy. They need to understand what the overall end game is so they can jump on the wagon with relative ease.

So as to encourage participation in the workplace and to ensure the participation is constant, provide monthly reports on each and everyone’s contribution on social media.

Make it Fun by Game-ifying the Experience

This is a great way of increasing employee engagement on social media. Social media games are a fun way for employees to engage with each other and at the same time not feel as if their social media engagement is a job.

You can have a dashboard that displays the top social media contributor in terms of posts made and user engagement. You can use ranking factors such as the number of likes garnered and followers engaged. Gifts to give out include free lunch and gift hampers for top engaging employees.

Never Force Participation

Forceful participation has never yielded any tangible results. The best way to do this is to encourage your employees on a willing basis only. Once you acknowledge a few individuals with gifts and lunch offers others will gradually jump in the program.

You can start this culture with new entrants as they are still fresh and will most probably do anything to impress. Ensure they are well informed about the importance of this strategy as it is beneficial to not only your company but to their own career growth.


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