Why Employer Branding Is Important

Have you ever wondered why some companies seem to attract top talent while your company still struggles with the recruitment of qualified staff? In most cases, it is not because of the salary offered, but because of the brand portrayed by your company.

Employer branding is important for your company as you are able to attract top talent that will improve the efficiency of your company. Every company that knows its worth should pay special attention to employer branding as it helps to retain top talent and gives you a competitive edge.

What is an Employer Brand?

An employer brand is an identity that your company creates among employees and prospective job hunters. To attract top talent your brand should reflect an employer who is reliable, caring for his employees and one who motivates them in advancing their careers.

Why It is Important

Helps Retain High-Level Employees

Imagine the kind of resources that your company uses every year to retrain its staff and give them a competitive advantage. Employee training is expensive and it will be a waste of resource if the trained employees decided to leave for another company.

A big brand creates a company culture that is important for the survival of the business. This culture makes your employees embrace the company as if it were their own.

Reduce Costs

Employee recruitment is an expensive and time-consuming affair. However, with a quality employer brand, you will have all the top talent in the industry knocking at your door. This also decreases the time required to advertise for job positions.
Did you know that research conducted shows that employees are willing to work for a lower pay if they are working in a company with a strong brand?

You Get Ambassadors For Free

This is the beauty of having an employer brand. The company culture created results to your employees becoming ambassadors for the company. As a result, you tend to hire more through referrals rather than using a hiring agency.

You Increase Office Productivity

Strong Employer brands create a culture of strong workmanship in the office. When employees feel that they are part of the company, they are more motivated to work and this increases productivity in the workplace.

How to Create Employer Brand

You are most probably wondering what it would take for you to create a strong employer brand. This is a -process that is time-consuming and not a one-off process. However, over time, you will be able to build a strong employer brand that will attract top talent.

Nurture Your Employees

This process starts by ensuring that the right kind of employee is hired. Motivated employees will most probably bring some level of positivity to the company. When it comes to millennials, you can nurture them by making them feel part of the company culture.

The best way to do this, is to ensure that they are actively engaged in the decision-making organ as well as ensuring they are heard and appreciated for their efforts.

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